Maintenance Services

With the continuous improvement of the position of the information industry in the economic production, the position of the computer system in the enterprise competition has been strengthened. To ensure the continuous, stable, efficient and available system has become the inevitable requirement of the majority of users. Our company's information system service division has formed a professional system maintenance service in this strong development trend, and constantly and rapidly improve itself to meet the service needs of all levels and levels with flexible and diverse services, to save and protect users' investment to the maximum extent, to solve various problems efficiently and solve problems for users; to ensure the continuity of users' systems , stable and efficient operation, so that users and Sinoux can work hand in hand in the trend of information development.

Features of professional services:

(Advanced and Efficient Management Organization Structure

(Comprehensive and Fast Service Command Center

(Experienced Customer Support Team

(Sufficient Spare Parts Inventory

(Professional System Service Representative

(Powerful User Support, Backup Computer Center

(Perfect User Files and Special Personnel Management

(Nationwide User Support Network

(National Support Network

(Efficient and Fast Response

(Advanced and Efficient Management Organization Structure

(Advanced Communication means and perfect office automation management make it possible for Sinoux to provide efficient services. The management structure for user problems is as follows:

User problem management structure

Its characteristics are single point problem connection, detailed user record, parallel work processing, to ensure high-quality and efficient service.

Comprehensive and fast service command center

According to different problems or requirements of users, the service command center will transfer to the corresponding departments or people. For technical problems, the service command center will arrange the customer support group or responsible engineer to deal with them in time, shorten the problem response time, avoid the delay caused by the Engineer designated by users, and establish detailed user files for problem tracking, review and analysis.

Experienced customer support team

The customer support team, which is composed of experienced engineers, immediately deals with the problem after receiving the customer's demand, helps the customer to solve the problem, assists the service command center to dispatch the appropriate service representative, assists in the diagnosis and treatment of the problem, arranges the necessary spare parts and tools, achieves the purpose of working in parallel with the service representative, and shortens the time of problem response, processing and solution 。

Warranty service plan

Warranty and technical services

The following warranties and technical services will be provided to end users.

1. In case of hardware system failure and affecting the customer's business operation, it will respond within 30 minutes after receiving the end-user's repair call, and arrive at the end-user's site within four hours to provide maintenance services.

2. In case of non downtime failure of hardware system, it will respond within one hour after receiving the end user's repair call, and arrive at the end user's site to provide maintenance service within eight hours according to the end user's requirements and actual situation.

3. Maintenance and replacement services: will arrive at the end user's site to provide maintenance and replacement services.

Preventive maintenance services

For normal operation of the machine, the following preventive maintenance services will be provided on a regular basis:

1. Prepare system maintenance service plan

2. Assign special service personnel to maintain the system according to the service plan

3. Conduct regular inspection and preventive maintenance of the machine, and submit service report

4. Provide technical expert support when necessary to ensure service quality

Telephone technical support service

24-hour telephone technical support service provided by the original factory.

Service period

1. Provide 7x24 field maintenance service.

2. Provide hardware equipment warranty or maintenance services, with a total service period of three years, starting from the first of the following days:

(i) The next business day after the date of installation, or

(II) two calendar months after delivery of hardware equipment to business partner.

What the user is responsible for

For the smooth implementation of maintenance services, the end user shall provide the following convenience conditions:

1. Provide the machine operation environment that meets the equipment requirements;

2. Appoint a contact person to help coordinate matters related to the service;

3. In order to solve the problem as soon as possible, the end user shall provide necessary information, data and access procedures, and adopt preventive and / or corrective measures recommended by the manufacturer;

4. Take appropriate protective measures to ensure the normal function and application of the system;

5. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the service, in case of hardware system failure, the failure shall be reported immediately through the special line for failure repair.

Service plan after warranty period

After the warranty period, users can choose different service levels according to their actual needs and sign new repair and maintenance contracts with the original company. According to the different needs of users for technical support and maintenance services, manufacturers provide a variety of flexible service options, including not only responsive technical support and maintenance services, but also dedicated active basic services (PE), dedicated services (p24), key business services (CS) and key business alliance (MCP), etc.

Technical support plan

Quick response

In case of equipment failure, the equipment operator only needs to call the service hotline, and the customer service center will respond immediately, provide online remote support service for technical experts, and send engineers from local outlets to the site for maintenance in the shortest time, record the response process of the repair service, monitor in real time, and ensure that the failure can be solved in the shortest time.


All engineers have received professional technical training and obtained certification.

Repair the equipment and make detailed records.

There is a set of scientific project management method for installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, which shall be implemented item by item according to relevant process documents and recorded in detail.


Through our fast and standard service, we can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and meet the requirements of customers.

Archive all the data for reference to ensure that the situation of each protected machine of the customer is clear.

Regular preventive maintenance to eliminate potential trouble of equipment.