Load Balancing

Network Security

Product introduction

The product of load balancing realizes the application optimization, the deep integration of security and network, and has powerful functions of routing, switching, load balancing, 2-7 layer security, etc. The load balancing product has flexible expansion capability and powerful hardware platform, which can adapt to various complex networking environments.

Product features and advantages

The load balancing product adopts the independent system architecture of control engine, interface module and LB load balancing service module. The independent load balancing service module can ensure the optimization of load balancing performance. The whole machine can provide multiple LB service slots, and LB service module supports hot plug, which can realize rapid and smooth expansion by adding LB service module without interruption of original service.

The LB business module of the load balancing product adopts the advanced multi-core and multi-threaded hardware platform, which can handle the health detection, load balancing scheduling and security functions in parallel. The load balancing device can deploy multiple LB business modules, realize parallel processing of multiple business modules through internal scheduling mechanism, and improve processing performance by multiple times.

The load balancing product supports a wealth of health detection algorithms, which can check the running status of servers and links, so as to select the most appropriate servers or export links, so as to achieve efficient load balancing functions.

Load balancing products support comprehensive 4-7 layer load balancing and link load balancing functions. It can provide more than ten kinds of load balancing scheduling algorithms, comprehensive functions and flexible deployment locations, and can meet the needs of various load balancing applications.

The load balancing product has a comprehensive security protection capability, and supports the defense against various DoS / DDoS attacks, ARP spoofing attacks, super ICMP message attacks, address / port scanning and other attacks. It is a product with powerful security functions.

All key components in the load balancing product support redundant deployment. When a load balancing service module fails, it can bypass the data flow around the fault board through the way of bypass to effectively reduce single point of failure. At the same time, each service module supports VRRP function to ensure the high reliability of the service.

Application example