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Product features and advantages

• Management Integration: Integrated delivery, Cloud out of the box.

• Kernel Fusion: Control system efficiency, Reliability and Stability from the Kernel Layer.

• Storage Fusion: it can build a unified resource pool to provide block, file and object unified storage services to upper applications to meet the needs of multiple types of data storage.

• Business Simplified Deployment: integrate one key automatic migration tools to help customers' original business quickly go to the cloud.

Visual Minimalist Operation and Maintenance: the super integrated management platform has built a flat, flexible and scalable business agile delivery platform, which integrates the minimalist operation and maintenance operations such as WYSIWYG and home shortcut, making operation and maintenance visual, data-based, automatic and intelligent.

Flexible and Rich Redundancy Strategy: the integrated onestor component of UIS 6.5 supports the setting of erasure correction code or multi copy Redundancy Strategy Based on volume. Data reconstruction can be completed quickly without hot spare to ensure the integrity of user data.

Multi scenario disaster recovery: it has the function of agent-free backup, which can realize the difference, increment and full backup of virtual machine without additional investment. It also provides disaster recovery schemes such as CDP continuous data protection and SRM asynchronous replication, which can meet the user's demand for disaster recovery services between heterogeneous sites or homogeneous sites and ensure the sustainable operation of user's business.

IAAs cloud Service Capability: integrate cloud platform functions, provide rich IAAs cloud service catalog, and realize self-service delivery of resources, hierarchical and decentralized management, multi tenant management, process work order management, heterogeneous virtualization management and other functions.

Open Interface: open and standardized rest API interface and plug-ins and interfaces compatible with openstack H/J/K/L/M/P and other versions.

Open Platform: compatible with 200 kinds of general guest OS, 20 kinds of open source and commercial vnf network elements.

• Open Cooperation: open cooperation in vertical fields such as security, backup, specific industry applications, cloud management platforms, cultivate business ecology and cross-border integration.

New Platform & Architecture: Based on the latest Intel purey platform cascade and skylake series processors; the stand-alone frame supports up to 16 half height blade servers, 8 full width blade servers and 8 full width storage nodes, which perfectly matches the hyper fusion scenario; it has up to 42t middle backplane bandwidth and 2.4t forwarding capability per blade. Support at least 3 generations of Intel technology architecture in the future. Support up to 8 network slots, covering different network demand scenarios.

Flexible Scalability: meet various application requirements by combining different blade servers, storage components, management modules, switching modules, power modules and heat dissipation modules.

Simplify management: support centralized equipment management, OM module can supervise all components in the system uniformly, and support multi frame cascade centralized management. It is convenient for customer operation and maintenance. Compared with traditional rack server, it can greatly reduce the complexity and cost of Management Networking. Through independent UIS m management module + LCD module, and pre installed UIS management software, deep business management can be realized.

• More Efficient: lower power consumption, less space and fewer cables than traditional rack servers.

• Modular Hot Plug Components: blade servers, storage, and other modular components can be easily added or removed with power on.

Full redundancy design: passive backplane; all core modules support N + 1 or N + n backup; support link aggregation and system level equipment stacking, and provide multiple modes of reliability assurance and application mode options;

Integrated Shared Power and Cooling System: blade system can provide the best energy consumption ratio and cooling efficiency.

• Investment Protection: various servers and network devices of different specifications can be installed in the tool box. By monitoring and managing the virtual resources of physical hardware and computing storage network in a unified way, businesses can be deployed quickly and flexibly, and unified management can be achieved through a simple interface to effectively reduce the overall TCO.

Application example