Product introduction

Stable and reliable platform

Comprehensive safety protection

Simple and efficient operation and maintenance

Fully integrated virtualization

Product features and advantages

CAS uses real-time operating system technology to upgrade the underlying kernel system of virtualization to real-time operating system, to ensure the correctness of calculation logic, and to ensure the stable operation of virtualization platform by using microsecond level kernel delay, second level fault detection and other technologies; CAS supports disaster recovery scheme at data center level, and provides ha technology from physical machine, virtual machine to application software level to prevent Physical or virtual machine downtime affects the operation of the business system and supports the stable operation of the business system in an all-round way.

CAS provides the corresponding security protection mechanism for the kernel layer, data layer, business layer and management layer to build a comprehensive security protection system for the virtualized environment; CAS kernel deeply integrates the security protection engine, supports agent-free anti-virus and deep packet detection, and provides efficient security protection for the virtualized inner core and virtual machine.

CAS is based on the graphical management console of B / S architecture, with built-in system health model, intuitively grasp the operation of the virtualization system, graphically monitor key resource data in real time, support one key export, and provide detailed data for the administrator; CAS has rich alarm strategies, and supports SMS or email notification, with the original one key operation and maintenance and topology view functions, and provides one key operation and maintenance and topology view functions for the administrator Station operation and maintenance operation.

CAS virtualization integrates the virtualization of computing, network, storage and security resources to form a flexible data center resource pool, realize the automatic scheduling of resources, and better serve the upper application. After virtualization, virtual machines are completely isolated from each other. If any virtual machine fails, other virtual machines on the same physical machine will not be affected, and the operating systems between different virtual machines can be heterogeneous.

Application example